A to Z Mysteries

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A to Z Mysteries

Dink, Josh and Ruth Rose have to solve the mystery of who stole the duck bank from the fire station. The bank holds money people have given for a bridge for the ducks. Following the clues, the group gets stuck in quicksand. This was one of many twists and turns to solving the mystery.

Quicksand Question

Conclict: Someone has stolen the duck bank and Dink, Josh & Ruth Rose have to follow the clues to determine who did it. Solution: Following all the clues and working as the team they find a supermarket apron with a name tag on it. The tag says Martin and he is arrested.

Conflict & Solution

Main characters: Dink, Josh & Ruth Rose. Setting: A Spring Satarday in Green Lawn neighboorhood.

Main Characters & Setting


This is a great seriesfor those who are in to mysteries!!!!!!!!!!

Plot Summary

Literary Fair Project by Lindsay Guenther

The publisher is Random House with Scholastic. The publication date is May 2003.

Publisher & Publication Date

The author's purpose is to entertain. The tone is mysterious.

Author's Purpose & Tone


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