A Timeline of my Life

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A Timeline of my Life

2018-2028; intimacy vs. isolation-graduate from music school (Obtain Master's degree in music)-buy first house-begin career as a musician-get married around 24-addition to family at 26

2038-2048; generativity vs stagnationMay take on a second job as a nurse to help othersSend first ' second children to college

2068-2078; integrity vs dispairi may take a few vacations with my spouse,May travel to countries I have not been to

2028-2038; intimacy vs. isolation-will be a professional musician in NYC-Join pit orchestra for the NYC Ballet introduction to an instrument really helped me find myself'figure out who i want to be. It opened up a new way to express myself

2078-2088; integrity vs dispairi will be happy with all i have achieved ' enduredI will be a peace in my home ' content with whatever company i have

2048-2058; generativity vs stagnationafter i retire from the orchestra, i will contribute a good amount of my earnings to charities in hopes to find new cures or find better homes for people, etc

2008-2018; identity vs role confusion-continue ballet to strengthen mentality. physicality ' musicality-decide that i want to go to Manhattan School of Music-go to college to train to become a prodessional cellist

2058-2068; integrity vs dispairin free time, i will garden ' spend time w/ grandchildren

1998-2008; trust vs mistrust

A timeline of my life...

autonomy vs shame ' doubt- i heard that when i was two, i used to try to do things myself, like get my own food, but i couldn't reach anything, so nothing got done...

initiative vs guilt-in preschool, i used to pick up activities and learn to do them by myself and i refused to ask for help until i got it right. Those were my first signs of individuality.

competance vs inferiority-when first starting ballet at 3 yrs, i was afraid to fail. When doing pirouettes, i could not land correctly and i kept falling out- I began to get discouraged and started to doubt myself. After landing a few and after encouraging words from my teacher, i was confident from that day forward- never give up


Born in Bethesda, MD 2/16/98Parents; Jeanette ' Rimando RoxasEthnicity; Filipino, Only Child-i was born into an average family. very supportive, two parents lving in the same house, and i had a dog. I was first taught to never be rude. I was very quiet as a child. I traveled a lot as a kid. I went to the Cayman Islands, Jamaica, Hawaii, Key West, Puerto Rico.... almost everywhere in the carribean.

In 2010, my best friend commited suicide, and the way that i saw my life. I began to socially and emotionally detatch myself from everything. I was confused about who i was... Eventually, I found things that i liked that helped me get back on my feet. I re-developed my sense of self and started fresh.


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