a symphony of whales

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a symphony of whales

Seat Work

Hi, my name is Glashka, Please follow the instructions bellow. 1. Watch your video on learn zillion.com take notes.2. Listen to the Generalize Strategy and do numbers 1 & 23. Listen to the vocabulary strategy as you read in your book and do the write part at the bottom.3. Listen to the story of LISTENING TO WHALES at the bottom of the Glog.4.Watch the video assigned to your reading group.5. Fill in your spelling words on Spellingcity.com.6. Write sentences with 10 of your spelling words.7. Complete the seat work assigment. 8. Listen to as you read along the story of A SYMPHONY OF WHALES.9. Watch the Video on discovery education IN THE COMPANY OF WHALES. Take notes to be ready for the infused quiz. 10. Check your messages and create you Glog.POST ALL YOUR WORK ON THE GLOG. 10. Take your test Friday! as always do your BEST and have FUN!





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