A Study into the Impacts of Whole-Class Speaking Activities

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A Study into the Impacts of Whole-Class Speaking Activities

Observed problems by the researcher: - lack of motivation- being afraid of making mistakes while speaking

A Study into the Impacts of Whole-Class Speaking Activities on Students in a Preparatory Classby Pelin KüçükGazi University, Ankara

Definition of the problem

Activities: - a pair speaking activity- two group speaking activitiesData collection tools:- written feedback- interviews

8 doctors & 8 patients patients -> come up with an illness & describe it do doctors (4 minutes for preparation)doctors-> give advice & find solutions to illnesses-changing partners after they finish speakingaim: doctors will choose the craziest patient; patients will choose the best doctor.( The activity takes 20-25 minutes)

Speaking activities, especially role-play ones, help students feel more comfortable and motivated to speak. As we all know, they can be bored during the academic year and this causes them to abstain from participating in the lessons. However, when we create a new environment for them and give them a chance to have different identities, they can become motivated for participation. When they have a new identity, they are longer a student of that class or school so they feel free to speak. At that point, group speaking activities are helpful since they help student practice in their group first and then act out in front of the others. Also, even if a student is not willing to participate, his/her group members can encourage that student instead of teacher. When teachers try encouraging them, the students can still be unwilling. However, when their peers help them, they feel more comfortable during these speaking activities.

check if these group speaking activities have an effect on fluency when the students act out

1. Doctors and Patients (pairs)



- divided into groups of 4-5 people- no limits for their scenario and materials to be used- no target language- 20 minutes for preparation- 3-4 minutes of act-out for each group

2. Soap Opera (groups)

Video 1

- write “Mrs. McDonald was found dead in her house on Tuesday at eight in the morning. You have to find who killed her and why.”- divide students into groups of 5-25 minutes for preparation- 15 minutes for their role-play (in total)- create a scenario based on the statement above and act it out (mostly interrogation)- before announcing the murderer, ask their classmates to guess

3. Murder (groups)





Video 2

Procedure &Data collection tools


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