A Strange Holiday

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A Strange Holiday

We only want food!!

We got up very early, when we had took our breakfast; the auncle´s mother took the door; she arrived to Lima and started to talk with my mom; my father wanted to stop the conversation because we could lost the car, but it was impossible, that my auncle let us went.

Preparing for the adventure

Five years ago, during my summer holidays; my sisters and I were going to travel to visit my grandmother. Our bus went in the morning, at 9 am. We had been preparing aour suitcase for two ours in the night.


Somebody arrived

But the story doesn´t finish, for that reason it is the most nasty holiday. In the road, it was rainning, for that reaso, there was a landslide and we coludn´t pass, the bus had to been waiting for 7 hours. We would arrive at 8 am, but we arrived at 6 pm.

We didn´t eat thats day, and we were really hungry; also we were tired and bored. My grandmother was very nervous because, she could no comnicate with us; when we were in her house she gave us a lot of food, but my mom sack, because she couldn´t sleep this night in the bus. The rest of our holiday were better, but really, it was a bad experience lost the bus.

Our unlucky start

Healties and saves

My mom finished to talk with her ancle and we went to the bus station; my father drove very fast.When we were in the bus station, the control told us to the bus left at 10 minutes ago. But if we wanted, we could reached in Rioja, my father drove, but when we arrived to Rioja, told us the bus could not waited. Afortunatly the company gave us another tickets to the afternoon of this day, and we could travel.

By Milagritos Gonzales Briceño


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