A Sollution to Air Pollution

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A Sollution to Air Pollution

A Solution to Air Pollution

Four main laws have been passed to reduce air pollution problems. Here are the laws, who passed them, and what they do!

Air pollution can affect the environment and humans in many different ways. Here are just a few of the many ways air pollution affects us and the environment!

There are many ways you can help fight air pollution. Here are some of the ways you can help and why!

The clean air act of 1990-Passed my President Carter-The law says the U.S needs to control smog, toxic air, and motor vehicle emissions that effects the atmosphere

Air pollution affects our health.- The air is dirtier because the air is full of carbon dioxide- More people are getting asthma (a common lung disease) because the air is very dirtyAir pollution affects our weather.- Hot weather because air pollution affects the ozone layer which protects us from the harmful rays of the sunAir pollution can affect the water and the food animals eat because the harmful chemicals contaminate the water and the food.Also air pollution can damage plants and crops too!

- Carpooling or take public transportation, can reduce ozone pollution- Walk or use a bike for short trips, so you can reduce traffic and emissions that affect the atmosphere- Try to buy local goods, so you can reduce air pollution to transport the goods from place to place- Turn off electronic devices when you are not using it, then you can reduce your electric bill and the amount of fossil fuels used- Use energy saving light bulbs, so you can reduce the amount of fossil fuels burnt and you use less energy

Jasmine Machhi

The air pollution control act of 1955- Passed by President Eisenhower-Simply acknowledged the existence of air pollution- The law told the secretary of health education to conduct research, so they would better understand the causes and effects of air pollution

The clean air act of 1963- Passed by President Kennedy- It was the first time the term '' Clean Air'' was used for legislation- The law was a three -year period established for states to conduct research and do local control programs for air pollution

The clean air act of 1970-Passed by President Nixon-The law simply required that by 1975 all areas in the U.S would attain clean air status

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