A Senator of PA

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A Senator of PA

Born on April 13, 1960 and raised in Scranton PA, Bob Casey Jr. was rasied strictly Catholic and so attended Holy Cross College. After obtaining his Juris degree (JD) and Bachelor's degree, Bob had found an occupation as a sucessful attorney and once served in a military career as a teacher.

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Bob Casey Jr.P.A. State Senator

In this video, Bob Casey Jr. wanted an increase Federal minimum wage to $10.10 and hour for the 700,000 pensylvanian workers and argued that it would add over $1 billion to annual wages and create thousands of new jobs.

Bob Casey Jr. is a part of the democratic political party and served in congress for a total of 8 years with a history serving the five Senate communities: Finance; Health, Education, Labor and Pensions, Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry; the Special comittee on Aging: and the Joint Economic Committee.

Following his own method, Bob Casey Jr. Succeded his father Robert P. Casey after his attempt to relocate from his older occupation as PA's Auditor General and Treasurer (1997-2007). He followed Democrat philosophy into office and was elected into the Senate as of 2006 and is currently awaiting a third re-election in 2018 when his term expires Janurary 3, 2019.

A Senator of PAGavin McGary

Senator Casey focuses on childern and the development of education for the ill. He and his legislation passed a bill recently called the Graduate Medical Education (CHGME) that would aid all childern caregivers and specialists with proper training and handling. He protects the Childern's Health insurance program for the 14 million who need the coverage.

Stances On The Issues:

The Senator advocates SNAP (Nutritional program) that aims toward family aid and piloting consumer spending towards growth in the economy. As a HELP chairman for Employment and Workplace safety, he promotes payment inequities and protection for employees. This would be furthered by the fact he supports proper compensation for coal miners with black lung and accessable help that is needed.


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