A production miracle

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A production miracle

- February 1942 ended automobile production for private use-Nations automobile plants now made tanks, planes, boats, and command cars-Many factories were quickly converted to war production- Ship makers made made massive cargo carriers, tankers, troop transporters, and "baby" aircraft carriers at an astonishing rate.

-Despite the draft, nearly 18 million workes were laboring in the war industries -6 millon were women -Women earned only about 60% as much as men doing the same jobs-Defense plants also hired more than 2 million minority workers-Minorities and women in the defense plants faced strong prejudice at first-75% of defense contractors simply refused to hire african americans, while another 15 percent employed them only in menial

-Phillip Randolph- president and founder of the brotherhood of Sleeping Car and Porters and the nation's most respected African-American labor leader-Led march to demand that African Americans had the right to work and fight for our country-President Roosevelt called him to the White House to ask them to back down. Randolph said it couldn't be called off because there was over 100,000 people marching-Roosevelt backed down and Randolph called off the march -Work industries no longer could discriminate because of race, creed, color, or national origin

-Roosevelt created the Office of Scientific Research and Development to bring scientists into the war effort-Improved radar, sonar, and miracle drugs that saved countless lives on and off the battlefield-The biggest achievement of the OSRD was the atomic bomb-The Idea of the atomic bomb started in Germany, which made roosevelt worry that the Germans could use their discovery to construct a weapon of enormous destuctive power-Advisory Committee of Uranium- made to develop an atomic bomb as soon as possible-To keep the project a secret they called it the Manhattan Project

A Production Miracle


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