A Place at the Table: This Land is Our

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A Place at the Table: This Land is Our

~ 1924- Native Americans Were officially classified as citizens and had the right to vote.~ 1934- Congress passed the Indian Reorganization Act~ 1968- The American Indian Movement was established.~ 1996- Every November of every year was made National american Indian Heritage Month.

April 30, 1879~Standing Bear v. Crooks~The court case was two days long.~Standing Bear won. This victory made a Native American a person under the law and couldn't be forced to go or stay at any reservation.

July 9, 1877The Ponca reached their new home. The government left them with nothing; there was no supplies, tools, or food. They had been forced into leaving all of their belonging and had no way of survival. Many of their people died on the trek there and many more died at the new territory.

By: Kianna Casey &Brad McDonald

July 1878The government allowed the Ponca to trudge another 150 miles west to new lands along Arkansas River. The land here was better, but not by much.

January 1879~Standing Bear and 30 others fled the reservation and headed north.March~They arrived at the Omaha tribe where Gen. George Crook was waiting with orders to arrest Standing Bear.

February- April~Kemble had already pressured 170 Ponca into relocating. Standing Bear protested and was arrested.~E.A. Howard, a government agent, arrived to help Kemble. Howard released Standing Bear as a way to pressure them into moving.

May 15, 1877~After a four hour council meeting, the Ponca realized they had no choice, but to leave. May 16, 1877~Soldiers surrounded the village of 700 people and drove the Ponca across the Niobrara.

January 1877 Edward kemble, a U.S. Indian Inspector, came to remove the Ponca from the Niobrara to Indian Territory.

In 1988 the case Lyng VS. The Northwest Indian Cemetery Protection Association, the Supreme Court ruled that there will be a national forest road carved over an old cemetary of native americans. This is like the Ponca getting their land taken away from them. They covered an old resting place of the ancestors of native americans. This shows that the United States is always going to push Indians away and get more land. They'll do anything to get more land.

A Place at the Table: This Land is Ours


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