A "Peace" of the 60's

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A "Peace" of the 60's

A "Peace" of the '60's

"Blast" = Had a lot of fun."Bomb" = A failure."Book it" = Leave the scene. Quickly."Bug" = To annoy someone.

"Boxes" = Guitar?"Cat" = A guy?"College" = Jail?"Bearded" = Tricked?"A gas" = A lot of fun?"Bat phone" = A police officer's phone?"Beautiful people" = Kindred hippie spirits?

Yet, some are still in use today.

"The Beach Boys," "The Beatles," "Bob Dylan," and "The Shadows" were a few popular singer/bands in the 60's. British bands and American bands influenced eachother, and they grew extremely popular in both countries.

Most slang from the 60's is a bit... hilarious compared to now. (And doesn't make a whole lot of sense).

Paul Newman an American actor, film director, entrepreneur, humanitarian, professional racing driver,and "screen legend" from the 60's.

Robert Frostan American poet, known for his realistic explanations of rural life. He died in 1963.

S.E Hinton when she was younger.

S.E Hinton in 2007.

S.E Hintonan American writer best known for her novel 'The Outsiders.'

In the 1960's, both boys and girls tended to curl their hair quite a bit. Guys normally curled their hair backwards, and girls normally curled their hair outwards.

Some common household items were battery operated radios, televisions, rotary telephones, dishwashers, Barbie dolls, and lava lamps.

Popular TV shows included "Bewitched," "The Monkees," "Petticoat Junction," and "The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour."

Cars were a big deal in the 1960's. Corvettes, Corvairs, trucks, and Mustangs were particularly popular.

Clothing from the 1960's consisted of mostly jean and madra (which were strong textured fabrics patterned with colourful stripes and checks). Both boys and girls wore them, but girls tended to wear dresses that were tight at the waist and short and free at the bottom.

Sports were one of the biggest hobbies in the 1960's.

Commercials were less informative in the 1960's than they are now. They didn't have to include the details of ingredients or side effects of their product if they didn't want to, though the commercials were just as silly back then as they are now:



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