A Nazi Perspective on Women

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A Nazi Perspective on Women

A Nazi Perspective on Women

Gertrude Scholz-Klink, head of the Nazi Womans Bureau

State encouraged more births through: - Marriage loans - Dispensed family income - Supplements for each new child, - Publicly honoured "child-rich" families - Cross of Honour given to Mother bearing four or more babies. - Increased punishments for abortion.

- Women should not work for a living- Women should not wear trousers- Women should not wear makeup- Women should not wear high-heeled shoes- Women should not dye or perm their hair- Women should not go on slimming diets

Under Weimar Republic

German Woman were seen as the most progressive in Europe;- Right to vote- Equality of the sexes in civil matters- Non-discrimination against female bureaucrats- Maternity rights- Spousal equality within marriage

Population Policy

The emergence of the Nazi Women’s Organisation gave a chance for working-class women to travel and meet new people. However, these groups were excluded from contributing to any important governing discussions

"Youth Serves the leader"

Hitlers Ideals

Cross of Honour


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