[2015] Ryan Manalansan (AB 67): A Nation Divided

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[2015] Ryan Manalansan (AB 67): A Nation Divided

Lincons ideas angered many southerners. Lincon stateed that he would not change slavery but it would not expand. This made southern legislators secesed(leave the union ). When Lincon took office all the souther legislators left.

Why Was It Called a Nation Divided? The main reason it was called a nation divided was because,, it dealed with the vewis of the south and the north and how they conflicted with each other. The views that were delt with was that of slavery. On one side(the north) voted against slavery, where as the other (the south) felt that slavery should stay. That was why the nation devided, events that would lead into the civil war

Compromise of 1850

Kansas-Nebraska Act

Election of 1860

Dred Scott Decision

The South Seceds

The Compromise of 1850 allowed many things for the U.S. For starters, this compromise made it so California was abl to enter as a free state. As well as this, The rest of the Mexican Cession was devided into two territories. Other things included the slave trade would end in the nations capital and a more effective slave law would be passed.

The Fugitive Slave Act made it a crime for anyone to aid slaves to runaway. If anyone was caught helping a slave cross to the north, they would be faced with a $1,000 fine and up to six monthes in jail. The slave act hsd recived some disliking from northerners. They disliked the idea that they did not recive trial, high fees for returning slaves, and some free african americans were sent back to the south

Fugitive Slave Act

Th Kansa-Nebraska Act was a to divide th rest of the Louisiana Purchase and make them into two new tarritories. Many anti-slavery northers felt that this new territory would alow for more masters and slave to inhibit those countries. The two antislavery and pro-slavery groups clashed in some verbal and physical cobat over slavery in Kansas

"Quote"'We will engage in compition for...Kansas..."Trying to stop slaver in Kansas

In the Election of 1860 Stephen Duglas and Abrham Lincoln were the two men running for president. With the Republican Party with him he won with 180 of 183 electoral cotwa in the free states. His win angereed many southerners as he had not won any of the southern states. This showed that the south was losing political power

When Dred Scott, an enslaved African American, sued Missouri state courts for his freedom it caused some countroversy. In the case the rulling on Dred Scotts case was , That African Americans, free or slaves, were not considered citizens of the U.S. Therefor African americans could not sue a federal court. This shocked many northers who feared the spread of slavery

A Nation Divided


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