A Million Ways Home

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A Million Ways Home

The protaginist of A Million Ways Home is Poppy Parker. I know she is the main character because she is on the fron cover. Also, everthing in this story is about her or has something to do with her being hurt.

In A Million Ways Home the point of view is told in first person, which is Poppy. I know that the point of view is in first peson because there are I's,we's, and me's written in the book' that aren't only when someone is talking.

A Million Ways Home takes place in modern times. In this story there is no specific state or year given, but from text clues I can tell that it's a moden time because it talks about phones and other technology.

A Million Ways Home

The genre of A million Ways Home is a mystery and Realistic fiction. This book has a mystery effect on it because you never know what will happen next. Also, this book is very realistic because it could happen to a lot of people.



Point of View


The climax of A Million Ways Home is when Poppy's grandmother, Beth, keeps having strokes.When she was first in the hospital she was getting better so they sent her to an assited living home. But after a while Grandma Beth started to get sicker then she was before and she was back in the hospital.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Also, the climax is when Gunner might be put to sleep, because of his agressive pass no one wanted to buy him.When Poppy wasn't able to live at the orphange she lived with one the polices moms. The polices mother was friend with a woman who owned a kennel and there Poppy met Gunner. Gunner was actually nice to Poppy and they had a connection with each other.


A Milion Ways Home is a very problematic story. The main charater, Poppy, her parents left her when she was one to live with her grandmother. Poppy's grandmother was having strokes and she ended up in the hospital. Then Poppy has to live in an orphanage but she cant anymore after she witnesses a robberey.


The theme in A Million Ways Home is very important. The message learned is that things don't always work out the ways you want them to but things will get better eventually.


When Poppy is with Gunner she acts loving and caring because of the effect they have on each other. When Poppy is with Lizzie she acts like a regular pre-teen. Then, when Poppy is with other people she tries not to show how hurt she really is.

The Characterization

<----This is a video summarizing A Milion Ways Home.


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