A Midsummer Night's Dream

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 A Midsummer Night's Dream

Titania's conflict between the two of them is that she loves the little Indian boy, but Oberon also wants the Indian boy too. Oberon wants the little kid and Titania doesn't want to give him the little kid due to sentimental reasons. Titania's best mortal friend who lived in India gave birth to the boy, but soon after that, she died. So it was Titania's job to take care of him, making her unable to give him up. Titania's head is set on not letting anyone have the boy, making Oberon frustrated.

Oberon puts a spell on Titania so she will fall in love with the first horrid thing she sees. He puts it on her while she is asleep. Titania wakes up to see a donkey singing and falls in love with the donkey. Turns out the donkey is Bottom, one of the artisans, but he got a spell put on him to make him have a donkey's head. After a while Oberon finally feels sympathy for her and takes the spell off after he gets the Indian boy.

Titania and Oberon's relationship together at the beginning was that they were the king and queen of the fairies. They loved each other and helped the fairy world prosper. But now each of them accuse each other of having an affair with one of the mortals. They can't have a single conversation without an argument now. Oberon tries to woo Titania in order to end the argument but Titania is aware of his motives. The relationship is not right between the two of them because is a perfect relationship you don't need to fight all the time, especially over a kid.

Titania ' Oberon

Titania She has a best friend who gave her child to her after she died. Titania fell in love with Bottom when Oberon put a spell on her. She apperently had an affair with Theseus. Titania uses her fairies as servants for Bottom. She is the Queen of fairies. She is stubborn and won't give up the Indian boy

OberonHe wants the little Indian boy as a tresure. He apperently had an affair with Hippolyta. He uses Puck as his jesture. Oberon takes the Indian boy after he put a spell on Titania. He is the king of fairies.


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