A Mercy by Toni Morrison

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A Mercy by Toni Morrison

A Mercy

By Toni Morrison

Heroism Gone Right

"I said you. Take you, my daughter. Because I saw the tall man see you as a child,not pieces of eight. I knelt before him. Hoping for a miracle. He said yes." - a minha mae

"There was no protection. None. Certainly not with your vice for shoes. It was as if you were hurrying up your breasts an also hurrying the lips of an old married couple" - a minha mae

Pictures of how terribly slaves were treated. In every picture you can see slaves being tortured with whips or other harmfull objects. You can also not that the work enviornment they were in must have been incredibly horrible. Often working hours on end in the intense heat of the south, he life of a slave was far from easy.

Two quotes from a minha mae, that really show how protective she is over her daughter throughout the course of the novel.

Toni Morrison Discussing A Mercy


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