A Matter of Trust

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A Matter of Trust

My book!

Hakeem Randall -Nice -Smart -Had a good relationship with Darcy.

Brisana Meeks-Nice-Smart-Was best friends with Darcy, but now their frenemies.

Darcy Willis -Nice-Smart-Good friends with Hakeem -Used to be best friends with Brisana, but now their frenemies.

This is the neighborhood they live in. It's kind of run down.

This is the town they live in. It's kind of run down.

The conflict in the book is when Brisana tries to get between Darcy and Hakeem. Also, she tries to split up their relationship.

This when Darcy's dad took her and her sister Jamee, to their new house they would rent as a family of four.

This is when Darcy and her dad went out to eat together, and had a long conversation about working things out.

This is when Darcy saw Brisana on the back of Hakeem's motor cycle. Darcy got mad and jealous.

The other conflict is Darcy wants her parents to get back together. She wants her dad to be apart of their family again.

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