A Man of the People

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A Man of the People

Taking after his Uncle, Augustus pioneering spirit, which is comparable to that of Virgil's Aeneas, has restored Rome's power back to its previous level. By asserting the power the gods have bestowed upon him, Augustus has led Romans to strengthen themselves, their morals, their children, their society, and the world as a whole.

A Family Man

Taking power after his Uncle Caesar's, whom we now know as a god himself, brutal assassination, Augustus has led Rome to unthinkable heights

Augustus believes that the heart of every Roman household should be a strong family.Augustus contends that this quality should pervade through every Roman, even himself.Because he trusts his family so much, Augustus has placed many of his family members in governmental positions, ensuring the continuity of a strong, family-oriented Rome for centuries to come.

The Ideal Soldier

With a physique modeled after the gods themselves, and a flawlessly brilliant mind that is built to conquer enemies and improve Roman life, Augustus represents the soldier every tribune needs.

A Roman Classic

The AeneidA classic for any Roman, a story that is especially close to the heart of Augustus, our fearless leader

A Man of the People

A True Roman


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