A Lucky Child

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A Lucky Child

A Lucky Child

In the year 1933 Hitler was appointed chancellor of Germany. From there life became harder for the Jewish, Gypsy, and homosexual populations. This is also the year Thomas was born. Eventually, Hitler began to invade other European countries. The first concentration camps were introduced within weeks of Hitler coming into power and the first wave of ghettos were completly up and running by 1939. 1945 marked the end of World War II and also when many concentration camps were liberated.

The story of Thomas Buergenthal or, "A Lucky Child" begins in his birth place of Czechoslovakia. It was here that his parents purchased a small hotel as a family business to own and operate. Since the Buergenthals were Jewish, any Slovakian could take over their business. Unfortunately, this happened in 1938, five years after Thomas was born. Soon after, their small family of three fled to Poland. In 1939 the family boarded a train to travel to England in hopes of escaping the Nazis. During the train ride they were bombed forcing the train off the tracks. Many perished in this attack but the Buergenthals remained un-harmed. The small family then went to the ghetto of kielce.

Thomas Buergenthal

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Why You Should Read This Book...

Thomas and his family were eventually sent to the concentration camp of Auschwitz. From there the family was seperated and each were sent to different camps. Each member would have to use their wits to outsmart the Nazis to be reunited.

The book "A Lucky Child" is a must read. It packs history, action, adventure, and wits into one novel.


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