A long way gone

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A long way gone

“They had run so far away from the war, only to be caught back in it. There is nowhere to go from here.”

“This isn’t your fault, you know. It really isn’t. You’ll get though this.”

a map of Sierra Leone

“If you are alive, there is hope for a better day and something good to happen.”

SummaryIshmael Beah had a normal childhoot till the RUF destroyed his home. After months of trying to find his family is himds out that they are alive,only to be killed whenhe was feet away. Ishmael and some of his freind got the chance to become a,for the most part, a normale boy going beck in to civilization. until one day this uncle dies and now Ishmael is now on his way to the United States to excape the war that will not leave him alone.

A picutre of Ishmeal when he was a boy soldier.

Ishmael feels as if they have no control over their future. They only know how to survive.

A Long Way Goneby: Ishmael Beah


CHARACTER LIST Major Characters Ishmael Beah The narrator of this true story, Ishmael, is a boy soldier who finds a way to escape the horrors of war and go on to counsel others who are only looking for a way to live in peace. Esther She is a nurse at Benin House where Ishmael is taken for rehabilitation. She befriends him and helps him to find himself again. Alhaji He is a young man whom Ishmael befriends when they are both part of the soldiers fighting the rebels. He is as strong and cold as Ishmael in battle, but just as in need of re-finding his childhood. Uncle Tommy He takes Ishmael in after he is found in Freetown. Ishmael cannot stay at Benin House forever and he needs family to love him. He lucks out with Uncle Tommy, because the man truly loves Ishmael and helps him leave behind the horrors or war. The Lieutenant He is the father figure when Ishmael goes into battle. His words motivate the young boys to be willing to give their lives against the rebels. Minor Characters Junior Beah Ishmael’s brother, his companionship and love for Ishmael are some of the memories that help rehabilitate Ishmael. They escaped the initial rebel attacks together and then lost each other in the confusion that followed days later. He goes in search of Ishmael when they are separated and dies never knowing that Ishmael had found his family only minutes before they were burned alive by the rebels. Laura Simms She is the woman Ishmael meets in New York City who helps children of war by being a storyteller, a cultural aspect of Sierra Leonean society. Ishmael is drawn to her because of this and she takes him under her wing while he is in America. Later, when he is able to escape Sierra Leone, she helps him get to America and becomes his mother.






Ishmael is so pleased to have met people outside of Sierra Leone, because if he is killed when he returns home, he knows that a memory of his existence will be alive somewhere in the world


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