A Long Way Gone

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A Long Way Gone

A long way goneby: Ishmael beach

A civil war happened in in Ishamels villiage when he was ten, at that time he didnt really understand what was happening, he says it was terrible and unimaginable. Ishmael and his friend (Junior, talloi,mohamed) formed a singing and dancingf group. When ishmael was eight years old.Their fathers worked for an American company so they learned of rap during a visit to mobimbi. Ishmail was shcoked that black males could speak spanish so well and so quckilyh to the beat. They stayed at khailou's house, when they retured home from school early the next day to report that rebles have attacked mogbwemo. Khalilou tells them that the rebles will be coming to mattru jong next, nobody knows about the safety of ishamels and junior's family. people were running and women were hinding and screaming out their kids name and looking for them. Ishamels say rap became a way for him and his friends to express themselfs through writting their own lyrics. Ishamels father is absent from his life and unable to pay for his older brother's school.



A Long Way Gone is the autobiography of a boy soldier, Ishmael Beah, who as a boy was afflicted by and then coerced to participate in the Sierra Leone Civil War as a boy soldier.

About the characters

Ishmael Beah was a child soldier for the Sierra Leone Armed Services during the civil war with the RUF, the Revolutionary United Front, known as the rebels. The rebels are blamed for the death of Ishmael's family, and his soldiering is motivated by his desire for revenge.

A Long Way Gone is the true story of Ishmael Beah, who becomes an unwilling boy soldier during a civil war in Sierra Leone. When he is twelve years old, Beah's village is attacked while he is away performing in a rap group with friends.




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