A Long Way Gone

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A Long Way Gone

Project by Amanda Allard

A Long Way GoneBy: Ishmael Beah


Ishmaels point of view as a child soldier"We went from children who were afraid of gunshots to now children who were gunshots," "We were very angry. We were very destructive. We destroyed the center where we were staying at (and) we burned some things up," he says of his early months there."We beat up the staff members. They came back, we beat them up some more.""Somebody being shot in front of you, or you yourself shooting somebody became just like drinking a glass of water. Children who refused to fight, kill or showed any weakness were ruthlessly dealt with."

The theme of change is represented in A Long Way Gone pretty evidently throughout the text. The story is about Beah's journey and how he goes through and changes drastically throughout the text, like how he goes from this innocent boy to a killing machine. Also how Beah must make the change to grow up fast during these events taking place in his life. He goes through emotional changes by how he is suddenly faced with the deaths of loved ones pretty consistantly. This also shows how ismael as a character develops and changes.

"He fell onto the ground and blood slowly leaked out of is head. We cheered in admiration of the corporal's fiercness and saluted him as he walked by"

" I had seen heads cut off by machetes, smashed by cement bricks, and rivers filled with blood that the water ceased flowing...Sometimes i closed my eyes hard to avoid thinking, but the eye of my mind refused to be closed and conitnued to plague me with images. Pg:49

These quotes show how these teenage soldiers can go from playing and having fun, to being putin these situations where they must kill/murder others

"i took off my old pants which contained the rap cassettes... I ran toward the fire, but the cassettes had already stared to melt. Tears formed in my eyes and my lips shook as i turn away"

This quote is a crucial time in A Long Way Gone, this is a symbolic way of showing Beahs Childhood being "burned away"

"We started a soccer game... Weplayed swimming games for a few minutes... We jokingly tripped and pushed eachother into the bushes""I could hear the sounds of guns far away in the distance and the cries of people dying in pain... a splash of blood hit my face"

This image is of a child soldier which really gives you a visual about how young these kids are when they go through this life altering event

These quotes indicate how Ishmael changes internally from being digusted and fearful of violence to this person who finds it amusing and encouragable.

These are quotes directly from ishmael from an interview with cnn describing how it felt being a child soldier and how they lost control of who they were. He explains the horrors they thought, likehow they had to kill, it became second nature to them (like drinking a glass of water)

CBS interview with Ishmael Beah


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