[2015] Hannah Stocks (Keller, Cleary): A Long Way From Chicago

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[2015] Hannah Stocks (Keller, Cleary): A Long Way From Chicago

“ ‘I’ll be gone tonight and all day tomorrow, and I don’t want the milk left out where it’ll sour. I won’t pay for it. I’m taking my grandkids on a visit to my cousin Leota Shrewsbury’ ” (Peck 22).

“ ‘You take her food every week don’t you, Grandma?’‘Generally a good big roast chicken’ ” (Peck 54).

“Now we were in forbidden territory. it all looked overgrown and deserted to me. But Grandma, speaking low, said, ‘Hush up from here on, and keep just behind me’ ” (Peck 42).

Grandma Dowdel

That first year was my favorite, I’ll tell you that. My grandkiddies came all the way from Chicago to visit me. They got to see me lie right to that reporter about Shotgun Cheatham. I had to make them boys bring his coffin all the way to my house because of it. For his funeral, of course. I got my good ol’ rifle out too. It was to keep Shotgun down, but it was only the cat I almost shot. Course’ nobody else knew. After everyone ran away, I got my peace. Nobody would be bothering me. That story was pretty popular, though. I’ll always remember that summer.




Shotgun Cheatham's Last Night Above Ground (1929)


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