A Long Walk to Water

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A Long Walk to Water

A Long Walk to WaterBy Linda Sue Park By: Dan Backlund


Character Traits



Nya was a tall eleven year old girl. " Tall for her eleven years, Nya could switch the handle from one hand to the other, swing the container by her side, or cradle it in both arms".

I chose this symbol because it's the cover of the book. It shows a person with a gourd on her head and she is walking to get water.

I gave this book 4 stars because it is a true story about two kids who had a hard life, but in the end Salva goes to New york and finds his Dad. Nya ends up staying at her village and they build a school and get fresh water.

Nya was a helpful young girl. She helped her mother with her younger brother, Akeer. "Nya nodded. She picked up the plastic container and took Akeer by the hand."

The theme of this story is don't give up.

Salva was a tough eleven year old boy who lived in Sudan in Africa. The army that came into his village seperated all of the people into groups of men, women, and children. He was seperated from his family and had to look for them "Salva was able to make his feet move despite the cold terror throughout his whole body."

The story takes place in Sudan, Africa during 1985 and 2008.

" The way they were treating him made Salva feel stronger still. Their is no one left to help me. They think I am week and useless. Salva lifted his head proudly. They are wrong, and I wil prove it." ( Salva, page 66)This quote is important to the book because it shows his strength and that he is not giving up. " How can I go on with out them? But how can I not go on? They would won't me to survive... to grow up and make something of my life... to honnor their memories." ( Salva, page 72) This quote is important to the book because it shows that he cares about his family.

Key Moment Quotes


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