A long walk to water

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A long walk to water

A Long Walk To WaterBy: Linda Sue Park

Climax:Salva found out from a family member that his dad was still alive and he was in a hospital. He found his family but they told them that there was still war going on in their village. Salva told his dad he would come back after the war is over.

Setting:This story takes place in South Sudan and Ethiopia.

Resolution:The resolution of this story is when Salva finds his family. One of Salva's relatives contacted Salva and told him that his father was in a hospital in Sudan. Salva was so happy that his father was still alive. He found out that his mother was also alive and one of his siblings.

Theme:The theme of this story is perseverance.

Genre:The genre of this story is historical fiction.

Point of View:This story takes place in third person point of view.

Conflict:The problem is that there is war going on in South Sudan where a young boy, Salva, lives. He is forced to leave his villiage with a group for people in search for water. He is trying to find his family who everyone else thinks is dead.

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I liked the way that the author incorperated Nya and Salva's lives together. I would give this book a rating of 4/5.

Here is a summary of A Long Walk To Water:http://www.lindasuepark.com/books/longwalk/longwalk.html


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