A long walk to water

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A long walk to water

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"A Long Walk To Water"Linda Sue Park

ConflictSalva is in the midst of a civil war and is separated from his parents. He tries to find somewhere he can survive and live safely with the other Lost Boys in his group. Whereas Nya is trying to provide water for her family, but it's dirty and contaminated.

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SettingThe story takes place in Sudan, Ethiopia, and the United States.

GenreHistorical Fiction

Point-of-View3rd Person Omniscient

ClimaxThe climax of the story is when Salva's friend and Uncle die, when they're traveling through the desert trying to find where to go for shelter.

ThemePossible themes include acceptance, courage, bravery, and selflessness.

ResolutionSalva finds a home in the United States, reunites with his father when he flies back to Sudan, and starts an organization to help provide water for people for Sudan. In Nya's time, he's an adult an drills a well of clean water for her village.

What I enjoyed about this bookI enjoyed how adventurous the book was and how it descriptively tells the story of Salva.

Rating4 out of 5 stars


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