A Little Piece of Ground

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A Little Piece of Ground

In 1947, the nations came together with Israel and decided to make a semi- autonomous area where Muslims and Palestinians could live with some freedom. They created two areas called West Bank and the Gaza Strip. The state of Israel was once called Palestine.

They play a lot of soccer!

Main Character- Karim, Other- Hopper, Joni, Jamal

Setting- 15 Jaffa Apartments, Ramallah, Palestine


A Little Piece of Ground

By: Elizabeth Laird

This picture shows a refugee camp.Palestinians (refugees) moved out of their homes and towns to refugee camps. They did this because either their homes or towns were destroyed or they were forbidden to return home. The wars between Israelis and Palestinians went on in 1956, 1967, 1973, and 2008. In 2008, the war went on for 3 weeks.

Palestinians wanted the Israeli soldiers out of Palestine. In 1993 the first Intifada was between Palestine and Israel. The second Intifada was in 2000. The economy was shutdown, there was blocked areas, and bombs went off.

Quote- "Karim! His head shot up. He'd imagined for one insane moment that someone had called his name. I'm hearing things now, he thought, dropping his head again. I'm going crazy. A moment later, someone was shaking him roughly by the shoulder. Karim looked up. Jamal! he gasped. Are you real? Is it you? pg189The meaning of this quote is that it shows how much Jamal cares for his little brother and that he would risk his life for him.

Theme- Palestinians against Israelis, Freedom of Palestine, Survival

Entering Palestine

Flag of Palestine


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