A little about myself

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A little about myself

I was born in Girardot on June 4th in the Samaritana Hospital.I live with my mother, my father, my brother and my grandmother. I don't have any pet.I love spent time with my friends and my familiy.I will make me in my arm a tattoo of a mandala

Yhunior Herrera



*travel to Europe with my family*be a big translator*have a family*and specially, I dream be happy

This is my favorite song.

My dreams are:

some of my favorite moments <3

*Dad's birthday N° 37, because this was one of the best parties that I have ever experienced*My sister's wedding, because this day she looked so beautiful and she was happy this day *My graduation, because my efforts during the high school were recognized*when I go on vacations with my parents

Dislikes.I don't like eating fishI don't like seeing accidentsI don't like some peoplesI don't like manythings...

I like eating healthy food.I like listening to music and dance.I like traveling.I like watching moviesI like swimming.


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