A Lesson Before Dying

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A Lesson Before Dying

The Scottsboro Boys are a group of nine black men who were accused of raping two white women on a train near Scottsboro, Alabama in 1931. They were convicted and faced execution. The Scottsboro deputies found two white men and forced them to accuse the nine black boys of raping the women. Within two weeks, eight of the men were sentenced to death, and the youngest, age 13, was sentenced to life in prison.

ANALOGYthis term was used by comparing Jefferson to a hog.

THEMESsome of the themes used throughout the story are the power of love, responsibility, and racism.

Miss Emma takes offense when the court calls Jefferson a hog because hogs are often referred to as dirty or unclean and are thus used as a derrogatory term. She thinks that word means that the boy she raised has accomplished nothing in life and is looked at as a hog. Jefferson being called a hog means that he is not the man she hoped to raise.

Supreme Court, in Shelly v. Kramer, declares illegal the government support enforcement of restrictive covenants under which private parties could exclude minorities from buying homes in white neighborhoods. President Truman signs Executive Order 1981, which states, "It is hereby declared to be the policy of the President that there shall be equality of treatment and opportunity for all persons in the armed services without regard to race, color, religion, or national origin."President Harry Truman submits a civil rights plan to Congress.

Porsche is founded1 million households own Televisions was 5,000 just 3 years earlier1st color newsreel filmed (Pasadena, California)200-inch telescope at Mount Palomar begins operationHolography was invented by Hungarian physicist Dennis Gabor the Columbia Record Company unveiled the 12-inch (30 cm) Long Play (LP) 33 1/3 rpm microgroove record album at a New York press conference.invention of the first hook and loop fastener by Georges de Mestral De Mestral decided to name his invention 'VELCRO'

Civil Rights

Western European Treaty is signed.The United Nations General Assembly adopts the Universal Declaration on Human Rights.Instances of Polio ( Infantile Paralysis ) increase around the world.The Summer Olympics are held in London, England.The Winter Olympic Games are held in St. Moritz, Switzerland.The Foreign Assistance Act ( The Marshall Plan ) is agreed to provide more than $13 billion in aid to war torn Europe between 1948 and 1951. The UN creates the WHO World Health Organization.The United Nations General Assembly adopts the Universal Declaration on Human Rights. Alger Hiss, former U.S. State Department official, indicted on perjury charges after denying passing secret documents to communist spy ring;Truman ends racial segregation in military.


Political ' World Events


The United Negro College was found and funded on April 25, 1944 by Michael Lomax. The UNCF has raised $2 billion in its 59 years of existence. This fund helps African Americans get the well deserved education they need. The UNCF makes it easier for African Americans to get better jobs and support themselves. This fund makes a big impact for the good of the education system regarding African Americans.


The Scottsboro Boys


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