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A Lesson Before Dying Glogster

A Lesson Before Dying

A Lesson before dying is about a black male being persecuted for a crime he did not commit.

Jefferson was convicted for murder and was sentenced to death. His lawyer made the argument the he was a fool no more important than a hog. His Godmother didnt want him to die as a hog, but as a man. She then got Grant (his old teacher) to try to talk to him and make him into a man. Jefferson was to difficult to get through to in the beginning but by the end he began to look forward to their conversations. His spirits are lifted and on the day of his excecution Grant suprised himself by crying from the loss of Jefferson that day.

This book connects to me and the world by the unfair/unequal way that African American people are treated in the government and the world. I am a African American male and if I was back in this time this could happen to me.

One of my favorite parts was when Jefferson first started talking and acually communicating with Grant

Another one of my favorite parts is when around the time of his death many people came to see him in his cell before he is excecuted.

One of the themes in the book is "its never too late to change." Jefferson didn't change until the end but it wasnt to late. He could have changed on the chair and it wouldnt have been too late.

One of the main ideas are Jefferson is sentenced to death and Grant is trying to make a man out of a boy who thinks he is a "hog". The book was mainly about turning a spiritless boy into a proud African American man.

I liked this book. This book was very interesting and had a lot of emotion, pride, and phsycological subjects. The author did a very good job of showing the characters emotions. When reading the book I was slighty praying the Jefferson's icy attitude would soon thaw and break out a new man. I also liked Jefferson's Godmother. She really cared about him and wanted him to die with dignity and not with the mindset of a hog. This book was a great read and interesting aswell.

Yes, I recommend this book.I would recommend this book to anyone above the sixth grade.

I would recommend this book because it was interesting and it is a good reference for good literature.



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