A Latin America Trip

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A Latin America Trip


ARGENTINA: Buenos Aires

Brazil: São Paulo


During the 2 days and 3 nights that you will spending at Quito, Ecuador ,you will be staying at Le Parc Hotel. At this hotel you can enjoy the spa or spend some time in the deap soaking bathtubs. Enjoy the buffet or eat at their fancy restaurants. June 7,2015: You will be going to enjoy the National Park of Copaxi. It will be a full day trip in this beautifull place. June 8, 2015 :You will enjoy a day at Otavalo Market Place with a delicouse lunch. Price: $1,342

On June 9 you will board the Avianca airline at 10:10 AM and arrive at La Paz ,Bolivia at 1:22 AMPrice: $598.71

On June 12, you will take your flight to Buenos Aires, Argentina. You will take the Avianca airline at 8:00 AM and arrive at 5:05 PMPrice: $904.30

On June 6, you will board the American lines airlflight in Denver at 10:04 AM and fly to Isla Baltra, Ecuador. You will arrive at 10:40 PMPrice: $943.12

For the 1 day and 2 nights that you will be staying at Argentina you will spend mostly the nights at Monseratt Apart Hotel. Go enjoy your evening at the pool or work out at the gym if you would like. June 13, 2015 :You will enjoy a shore excursion and a wonderful dining experience at Buenos AiresPrice: $459.56

On June 18, 2015 you will be taking the airline to return to your as well gergeous hometown Denver, Colorado. you will be departing at 12:05 AM and arrive 6:15 PMPrice:1271.54

On June 14 ,you will board a the final flight to Sao Paulo ,Brazil with the Aerorolineas Argentinas airline at 11:25 AM and arrive at your last city at 2:25 PM Price: $580:53

For the last 4 days you will spend them at Sau Paulo, Brazil. Staying at Maksoud Plaza Hotel.This hotel offers you an huge indoor pool or just walk around and ad June 15: Edmire the beautiful graffity art museum, admire the ye catching colors on just a simple canvas June 16: Your trip is almost over so make the best of it the beaches are just perfect and the hotel is so nice and cosy.spendthe day relaxing at the spa, or in the indoor bathtub. Take at dive in the gigantic pool. ENJOY!! June 17: Its our last day so enjoy it, enjoy the beautiful coffe and beaches tour. Take a tan on the picture perfenct beaches and savor the best coffe of Latin Ameica.Price: $919.96

During your trip to La Paz, Bolivia you will be spending the 2 days and 3 nights at Suites Camino Real. This hotel has the qualities of free breakfast, wifi and parking. There is also a indoor pool so soak up aswell as a spa. June 10, 2015 :You will spend the day at the Death/ Mountain for a bike tour. Enjoy the beautiful mountains and fresh air that this ''deadly'' mountain. June 11, 2015 :You will join many people on a food, wine, and beer tour. Meet new people and sabr the great cultural food of bolivia. Price: $728.56

A Latin America Trip






Gaby C Chavezperiod 31-21-15




Total Budget: $7,481.64


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