A Journey Into The Cell

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Cell Biology

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A Journey Into The Cell

The Lost Treasure

A Journey Into The Cell

People tell the legend of The Lost Treasure. They say that there is a valuable treasure deep in the center of Nucleiland. However, very few brave lives have made it far enough to discover the treasure, and now I am determined to be the next.

Once I got on the other side of the protective sheet, I looked around and saw a gel-like fluid that looked familiar. This fluid had also been present back home. I had learned that it was an essential part of our city because it kept it in place. I started swimming through the gel-like fluid and found some mysterious tracks that I decided to follow. I noticed that there were many people in this place, but none of them seemed to have the same kind of tracks that appeared in front of me. That made me even more eager to discover who these tracks belonged to, and where did they lead?

The mysterious tracks that I had been following came to an end unexpectedly, and ahead of me was a rod-shaped structure. This structure was similar to the ones at home, so I assumed they were the powerhouses that gave us all protein and energy. In the rod-shaped structure I glanced around and noticed a small piece of paper that must have been there for a long time because it had an antique look to it and it was covered in dust. I picked it up but it was hard to read because of the condition of the paper. I was able to make out some words and it said "Keep going until you find the protectors". I was quite confused and I put the piece of paper in my pocket and continued my journey.

I had always been an adventurous explorer, but all of my prior journeys were far different from this one. This wasn't just an adventure, but far more, a journey to uncover a secret. As I left what I called my home, from a distance I saw what would be my destination. Time passed and the next thing I noticed was that just a few feet away from me was an odd, protective sheet that covered a sphere shape. I could remember this sheet being present where I came from, but before that protective sheet was a much more rigid wall. The protective sheet was thin but strong, and there were very few ways to get in. At last I found a slight entrance and made my way through it.

As I completed my way through the rod-shaped structures, I decided to finally ask for guidance. I wasn't planning on telling them the reason for this trip because they would think I was crazy. So instead, I asked an old woman for the so called protectors. She looked around and whispered "Be careful with the protectors. They are everywhere in the city. They will get rid of you if they think you are harmful to the community. When you find them you will know because they are round shaped and are always alert." I nodded my head and thanked her. I kept walking and without noticing, I bumped into my misfortune. I looked up, and just how the old lady had described it, I saw a round-shaped figure. They grabed by arm and took me with them without saying a word.

I closed my eyes and hoped that when I opened them I would be back to my journey, but it wasn't like that. I slowly opened my eyes to find myself in a dump. It had all kinds of waste and I was grossed out. As I tried to dig my way out of the dump, my hand touched something cold and solid. I looked at the object and realized that it was a key. I put it in my pocket thinking that it might be helpful later on. Then, I managed to crawl my way out of the dump.

I thought I was free, but as soon as I stepped out, I tripped over my own feet. Before I had time to digest what was happening, I was sliding down a curvy slide. The thing that caught my attention is that I wasn't the only thing gliding down the slide. There were objects that appeared to be from the rod-shaped structures I had seen earlier. I remeber that those structures produced protein and that's probably what they were. As the wild ride continued, the path became bumpier and bumpier.

The small fence fell right open, and I fearlessly walked in. At this point I felt proud of myself because this experience had been like no other, and I had reached my destination. Objects came in and out of Nucleiland, as if it were the heart of this city. It was impossible not to see the red X marked on the ground. There it was. The Lost Treasure! I flung the lid open and I couldnt believe my eyes!

I had to admit that by this point I was exausted. The only thing that kept me moving was the idea that I could make history if I found what, for decades, had been a mystery. I kept walking and bumbed into a small fence that surrounded Nucleiland, or at least, that's what I hoped. I stared at the small fence, trying to figure out how I would make my way across. Suddenly, I felt warmth in my pocket. I reached in and pulled out the key, which was gleaming! I noticed that a keyhole in the small fence was gleaming as well. I slowly put the key in, and turned the knob.

I, once again, managed to exit my way out of a bad situation. I was no longer on the slide, but now, walking towards a packaging system that seemed to be packaging and delivering things. I recalled the legend about The Lost Treasure, and remembered the part where it said that this packaging system is as far as most have gotten. This made me afraid of what unknown phenomenons I would come across next.

I noticed that what caused the agitation were small circular shapes that were attached to the slide, which appeared to be putting together or building protein.


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