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A Jacks 2

Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson was an awesome guy. He did all sorts of neat things, including leading American forces to victory at the Battle of New Orleans and the destruction of the National Bank. Though he had Native American allies during the War of 1812, he passed the Indian Removal Act during his presidency, which ordered all Native Americans to move West of the Mississippi River. When the Supreme Court found this act unconsitutional, the president still enforced the law by sending the calvary to carry out the order.

Old Hickory

Sharp Knife

"Fellow-Citizens: About to undertake the arduous duties that I have been appointed to perform by the choice of a free people, I avail myself of this customary and solemn occasion to express the gratitude which their confidence inspires and to acknowledge the accountability which my situation enjoins. While the magnitude of their interests convinces me that no thanks can be adequate to the honor they have conferred, it admonishes me that the best return I can make is the zealous dedication of my humble abilities to their service and their good. As the instrument of the Federal Constitution it will devolve on me for a stated period to execute the laws of the United States, to superintend their foreign and their confederate relations, to manage their revenue, to command their forces, and, by communications to the Legislature, to watch over and to promote their interests generally. And the principles of action by which I shall endeavor to accomplish this circle of duties it is now proper for me briefly to explain... "



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