A is for Airplane

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A is for Airplane

The Wright Brothers were bornAugust 19,1871 and April 16,1861.and died January 30 1942 and May 30,1942.They were inventors,and aviation pioneers.They were the first people to create airplanes.

Why I chose this topic?I chose my topic becauseit helps people by taking people somewhere.I wantto learn more about whatit does to help.

A is for AirplaneChristian MurphyFebuary 2013

1903:January 19 -The first west-east translated radio broadcast is made from the United States to England.May 4- The leading Macedonian Bulgarian revoluntionary Gote Delchev is killed in a skirmish with the Turkish army.September 11-The first stock car event is held at the Milwaukee Mile.

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Why Are Airplanes Important:The Wright Brothers createdthe airplane.They created it for people to get were they want to go to like countries,states,andcontinents.



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