A Humbling Learning Experience

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A Humbling Learning Experience

I believe that defying the odds and rejecting reason and logic leads to ingenuity and resilience.

Why an irrational perfectionist should be considered creative

Project Based LearningCreating Adaptable Art Tools for Students with Disabilities

Clay Animation-6th Grade

Dear Paul Schlottman,Thank you for making my interview so pleasant. It was exciting to learn about the groundbreaking educational experiences that are taking place in our community!The feedback you provided will help me improve the way I communicate my passion for teaching. Furthermore, I really appreciate your thoroughness in picking appropriate teaching candidates, which shows that you hold students in the highest value. It was refreshing to read about the impact you have made in education. I look forward to reading more about the creative endeavors of our South Bend students who attend the Success and Career Academies. May your year bring you as much joy and passion as our students are experiencing!With much appreciation, Tara A. Torok

Color Mixing Inquiry Lesson -Kindergarten

Cultivating Classroom Environment Promoting Student Interest and Courage

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