A Hole In The Floor

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A Hole In The Floor

A Hole In the Floor

The carpenter's made a holeIn the parlor floor, and I'm standingStaring down into it nowAt four o'clock in the evening,As Schliemann stood when his shovelKnocked on the crowns of Troy.A clean-cut sawdust sparklesOn the grey, shaggy laths,And here is a cluster of shavingsFrom the time when the floor was laid.They are silvery-gold, the colorOf Hesperian apple-parings.Kneeling, I look in underWhere the joists go into hiding.A pure street, faintly litteredWith bits and strokes of light,Enters the long darknessWhere its parallels will meet.The radiator-pipeRises in middle distanceLike a shuttered kiosk, standingWhere the only news is night.Here's it's not painted green,As it is in the visible world.For God's sake, what am I after?Some treasure, or tiny garden?Or that untrodden place,The house's very soul,Where time has stored our footbeatsAnd the long skein of our voices?Not these, but the buried strangenessWhich nourishes the known:That spring from which the floor-lampDrinks now a wilder bloom,Inflaming the damask love-seatAnd the whole dangerous room.

By Richard Wilbur

Glog by Kayla G. & Lily C.


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Richard Wilbur is an American poet and translator born on March 1, 1921 in New York City, NY. He graduated from Amherst College in 1942 and then served in the United States Army from 1943 to 1945 during World War II. After the Army and graduate school at Harvard University, Wilbur taught at Wellesley College for two decades and then at Smith College for another decade. Richard was a recognized poet who won many awards such as The United States Poet Laureate, Pulitzer Prize for Poetry, Bolligen Prize, and many more.

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This music relates because it is the symphony peice used in the Odyssey movie. The poem is symbolic and talks about the Trojan war durring the Odyssey.

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This picture relates to the poem because this is the Trojan Horse the speaker is talking about and where he is.


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