A Heart on Fire

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A Heart on Fire

Heart on FireSusan B. Anthony Votes for PresidentWritten by Ann MalaspinaIllustrated by Steve James

SummaryThis book chronicles the events leading up to the ratification of the fourteenth and nineteeth amendments. Susan B. Anthony rebellious registered to vote for president in 1872. After many obstacles including being put on trial in 1873, the nineteen amendment was finally ratified in 1920 thanks to the movement started by Susan B. Anthony.

Created by: Jenna Whitt

History This text does a good job of making the history of the women suffrage movement. Students would be able to connect to what it was really like to be a woman who did not have the right to vote in the United States.

Susan B. Anthony


Pros-The book contains specific dates to put the book into persepctive for students. -The book contains the written 14th and 19th amendements.-The book also has primary source documents in the back cover

Cons-The book does not directly describe the relationship between Susan B. Anthony and the 19th amendment.-It only gives a vague overview timeline and not an indepth history of the events

Text-to-SelfI connected to this book because I am a woman living in the United States who never had to fight for my right to vote. It is important for me to remember what women like Susan B. Anthony went through for me to be able to have a say in the government.


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