[2015] Chloe: A Grimm Warning by Chris Colfer

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[2015] Chloe: A Grimm Warning by Chris Colfer

By: Chloe Pai

The setting of this story is in the present and in two dimensions. It takes place in the Fairyland where Alex lives as a fairy and on Earth, where Connor lives. The Fairyland has many kingdoms, the Northern Kingdom, the Eastern Kingdom, the Fairy Kingdom, the Red Riding Hood Kingdom, the Troll and Goblin Territory, the Charming Kingdom, the Corner Kingdom, the Dwarf Forests, and the Elf Empire. The whole Fairyworld is ruled by the Fairy Council and the Fairy Godmother.



A conflict in this story is a man v.s. nature problem. Connor is on a trip in Germany, but during the trip, he hears that the Fairyworld is in trouble. Connor doesn't know where the portal between the Fairyland and Earth was so he has to go against nature to find it. Another problem is man v.s. man conflict, General Marquis is taking over the fairyworld. His army, his dragon, and the Masked Man would overpower the fairyworld's army. Alex and Connor has to defeat the army or their home will be taken away from them.


The theme of this story is a journey or quest. Alex and Connor are on a quest to join armies whether it they are their friends or enemies and to defeat the Grand Armee. Alex and Connor learn an important lesson that no matter how impossible the problem seems, you can always accomplish it by working together as a team and doing your very best.

The man vs nature problem was solved when Connor consulted the Mother Goose through a magic mirror. The Mother Goose told him where to go so he could find the portal. Connor arrived in Fairyland just as the Grand Armee arrived so Connor could help fight the war against the Grand Armee too. The solution to the man vs man problem was that Alex and Connor combined their friends and enemies to overpower the Grande Armee, and by killing the dragon, the Fairy Godmother saved everyone from being destroyed.



A Grimm Warning By: Chris ColferGenre: Fantasy FictionLexile Level: 830

Alex and Connor are 13 year old twins. They both have strawberry blond hair and blue eyes. Alex and Connor's grandmother is the Fairy Godmother of the Fairyworld. Alex and Connor are caring and friendly. The antagonists are General Marquis and the Masked Man. General Marquis is a cruel man who leads the French army, the Grande Armee. He has a dream to conquer the Fairyworld. The Masked Man is a criminal who has been put in jail for committing a theft. He has a crazy desire for power. He also wears a mask over his head to cover his identity. The Masked Man and General Marquis become allies to defeat the Fairyworld kingdoms.


"'I'm here on my own accord because I want to protect my home and I am not leaving until the Armee is gone! '" (p. 372 )

" I learned very valuable lessons from two unlikely teachers over the course of the war- one was a prisoner and the other was a witch. They taught me that every creature is an individual and we can't punish an entire race for mistakes made by individuals. As easy as it is to label large groups with the reputations of thier ancestors, it isn't right. ( p. 460 )


Dragon pictureBook coverOnce upon a timeHappily ever afterBook TrailerCastle pictureFor more information about this book go to : http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/20706320-a-grimm-warning


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