A Father's Promise

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A Father's Promise

Personal Thoughts

I learned from this book that World War 2 is a very harsh time in life because of the bombings, killings, and the Nazis destroying families. I also learned that if you have believe in God and have Him by your side than you will get through the hardest times, even ones as bad as World War II. I saw how the harsh treatment of Jewish People affected their lives and made me think of how I treat others and how it affects their lives.

Biblical Connection

“Therefore do not be ashamed of the testimony about our Lord, nor of me his prisoner, but share in suffering for the gospel by the power of God,”2 Timothy 1:8

Rudi Kaplan

Character Sketch

Important Events:~Rudi gets forced to live in the woods after his dad gets taken to the concentration camp.~Oscar teaches Rudi how to live/survive in the woods while staying in Anna's cottage.~Rudi finds Ingrid in the woods and then she gets sick and has a rash.~Anna helps Rudi and Ingrid survive at her cottage.~Joseph moves in and causes trouble and forces Rudi to move out.~The war ends and Rudi gets to be with his father again.

Rudi Kaplin is a brave,caring,and optimistic young man.He was a brave man when he ventured off into the forest and when he told Joseph to stay away from the people he loved. Rudi demonstrated the act of caring in many ways through a father's promise. One of the most important times that Rudi showed how caring he is was when he took Ingrid as his own sister and took care of her. He was optimistic when he kept faith that not only would he see the end of the war, but that he would reunite with his father at the end of the war. These 3 characteristics are what truly made Rudi a strong Christian that helped him survive the war and stay true to his God, family and friends.

World War II

By Trey Stephens


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