A Fathers Actions

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A Fathers Actions

Changes in HuckHuck is starting to realize what kind of man his father is. In the beginning of the book Huck is scared of his father and now he can see that the environment is unhealthy and he needs to get away. Huck takes many risks to achieve running away from his father. This shows how he is good at manipulating and having this trait will benefit Huck on his journey.

Episode 2: A Fathers Actions

Is it ok to run away from your problems?

Is it possiable for people to change?

Essential Questions

"Pap"Huck's dad is the main character in this episode. He is a selfish and a uncontrolable drunk. He does not want Huck to gain knowledge because we was uneducated. He is a very dangerious man. He hides his son in a shanty and is an abusive drunk. Paps is also racist towards African Americans.

Setting: The setting of this episode starts in a shanty where Paps keeps huck hidden. When huck escapes, he travels down the Missisippi river onto Jackson's island


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