A Face First

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A Face First

A Face First

Priscilla Cummings

SummaryThe book A Face First is about a girl named Kelley. Kelley is a twelve-year-old girl. She is very smart, and a great artist. Her father left when she was young, and her college-age sister is spending a year abroad in Paris, so it's just Kelley and her mom at home. Kelley's mom is a real estate agent, and she put her house up for sale, which really upset Kelley. Kelley has a cat named Tigger and a horse named EO. She goes out to feed EO every morning, once the bird on the barn roof (which is NOT a rooster) wakes her up. Kelley's mom is driving Kelly home from school when they get in an accident. Kelley's mother is stressed because clients are coming to see their house. In her haste, she runs a red light and a speeding truck hits the car head on. kelley's mom made it out, and she then dragged Kelley out. Her mother was no where near as injured as Kelley was. She got a bruised eye and a burnt hand, while Kelley suffered from a broken and badly burned leg, a third degree burn on her face, and third and second degree burns on her hands. She needs skin grafts and Jobsts, articles of clothing that put extreme pressure on grafted skin so it grows back correctly. Kelley also had to have a graft on her face, and she is not happy about the Jobst she has to wear for that. Her classmates send her cards, and her friends come to visit, but Kelley is upset and miserable. She is worried that people who see her will immediately notice the mask and nothing else. Kelley's friend Daniel sends her a picture of a science project they did together a year ago, and asks her to go with him to check on how it's doing. The project was putting a fence around a roof where a family of least terns live, so that the babies don't fall off. Find out Kelley's decision and how it affects her by reading A Face First.

Pages: 197

ReccomendationI would recommend this book to girls grades 4-7. It is a sad story with a happy ending. Also, a person that is going to read this book should be sympathetic, because Kelley is going through a pretty tough time.

ConnectionI can make a text to text connection with the book Wonder, by R. J. Palacio. In Wonder, the main character Auggie is born with a facial problem. He had a defective gene that caused his face to become way deformed. He had to go to school with his defect. In A Face First, Kelley has a burn on her face, but she has to go to school anyway.

Literary Element #1- SettingThe setting in the book A Face First is mainly the hospital. The hospital is a dreary place, but the nurses are very nice and super perky and cheerful. The man in the room across the hall from Kelley is constantly upset and crying, and that affects Kelley's attitude. Kelley is moved around in the hospital, from the burn unit to the physician unit to the rehab unit. She was very upset to leave the burn unit because she had an amazing view of the highway. Seeing all of the moving cars reminded her that life goes on.

Literary Element #2- MoodThe mood in this book is mostly sad and angry, but changes to courageous and overcoming towards the end. When Kelley is in the hospital, the mood is sad because she is constantly thinking of the things that she can't do or imagining how horrible she looks with her burns. Towards the end of the book, Kelley overcomes her fear of facing her classmates with her burns by meeting her friend Daniel and realizing that he is not disgusted or shocked by her face or mask.

ThemeThe theme of this book is you nevr know until you try. Kelley didn't want to go to school because she was afraid of her classmates' reactions. However, her friend Daniel is not shocked by her face at all, and she realkizes she realizes that she was just being overdramatic, and her friends won't care what she looks like.


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