A Dog's Purpose

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A Dog's Purpose

The dog really has no particular name, beacause he has been reborn so many times (that's all of the different breeds of dogs). He was so many different of breeds of dogs The dog is trying to find his purpose in life. He just goes with his life, and what ever comes to him in the future.


A Dog's Purpose is about a dog that goes through different lives with different names, different breeds, and even different sex. The main reason of this book is that the dog is trying to figure out his purpose; like when a dog cocks its head in questioning what to do in return. Once he thinks he knows what his purpose is, he ends up dying and reliving a new life to live and so on.

As the dog tries to figure out his purpose to his life.He always finds the person or people he has to take care of, but leaving them was the hardest part. Once he figures out who he needs to take care of, he is always at their side.

Author: W. Bruce Cameron

Book Report

Title: A Dog's Purpose

By: Taryan BarrickDate: 2/16/14





The dog has no main home, or homes to speak of. He has lived in an apartment, in the city, and even on a farm. But he mostly lives in a city. He loved to go out on adventures with his owners.

The dog is just trying to find his purpose in life. The purpose of life, and the question we all ask sometimes "Why Are We Hear."He finds many purposes to all of his lives, but the one main is to look out for the ones that he really cares about.



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