A Dog Called Homeless

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A Dog Called Homeless

About the AuthorSarah Lean is the author of A Dog Called Homeless. Sarah Lean is an award winning author. She wrote several books such as Hero, The Forever Whale, and A Horse For Angel. The book is a very heart warming story about a girl and a grey mysterious wolfhound.

I believe the major conflict is between Cally vs herself and Cally vs her family. Cally stops talking after her family doesn't believe that she saw her dead mother so she feels why should she talk if no one is going to listen or believe her but I also believe it is a conflict within herself.

Two books I think are similar to A Dog Called Homeless are Vanishing Girls and Speak. The books are all very similar and have a very interesting theme to them, which I personally like. I give the book 4 out of 5 stars. I recommend the book if you're into conflicts. I recommend the book because it is a very nice story about finding your voice. The story was very heart warming.

Book Genre: Family ' Relationships' ' ' Fiction

A Dog Called Homeless

Cally is a protagonist character in the book. She is a very opinionative person, in a good way. She discovers herself and finds her voice along the journey with her bestfriends, Sam and Homeless. She knows deep down that the dog belongs with her and that they have a connection, whether it be because of her mom or not.

A Dog Called Homeless is about a girl named Cally who's mother died but she still see's her. When Cally tells her family, they all think she is be kind of insensitive about it. So Cally decides to stops talking because no listens or believes her. The only other living soul that can see Cally's mom is a grey mysterious wolfhound, who is always there when her mom appears.

My favorite quote from the book was when Cally wrote to Sam "Before your operation I'll take you, and we'll swim together." Another quote I like from the book was what Cally's dad said " It was the dog that found you and Sam, I just followed him."


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