A Divided Nation

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African-American History

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A Divided Nation

A Divided Nation Who new such a fantastic nation could ever be so differnt? A few new documents were passed trying to put an end slavery. Even a California was added to the country! These were only some of the things that happened in this crazy time period...

Dred Scott Decision

Kansas-Nebraska act

The Compromise of 1850

Election of 1860

The South Secedes

Some very interesting desisions were made in the 1860's.Just before Buchanan had become president the supreme court issued a topic on slavery. This sparked outburst throughout the United States and was name th Dred Scott Decision. This was about a slave who belonged to jhon emerson but later after that John had died and Dred was forced to work for John's widow Dred soon decided that he should sue for his independence but once he got there 11 years later it wouldnt work because he was not a US citizen. Lincon and Douglous both had debates on wether slavery should stay or go. They used many points from the U.S. constitution to try to prove there points. At one time the United States just thought they should send all the slaves back to africa to start there own civilization. This never didnt happen at the time even though it should have.. These 2 debates went on for a long period of time.

In the 1850's some interesting things occured including the passing of a few documents. It started in 1850 when Henry Clay decided to create a new agreement called The Missouri Compromise. This compromise let California enter as a non-slave state only if they met a few other standards.The Fugitive Slave Act also passed and this made it a crime to help the any slaves and gave the government approval to jail anyone that did so. One day a lady named Harriet Beacher decided to write a book about slavery. She named this book "Uncle Tom's Capin." This book started discussions around the States and really upset the South. The last document that was passed in the 1850's and was called the Kansas-Nebraska Act and it planned to divide the remainder of the Lousiana Purchase into two territories, and named them Kansas and Nebraska. People because kinda upset about the whole Kansas becoming a state. Jhon Brown had created a group of people and pleaded guilty after killing 6 men from Kansas. This was later named the Pottawatomie Massacure, and with Kansas's ongoing drama was later renamed Bleeding Kansas.

During the 1940's crazy things happened including gaining land from the Mexican cession, and we later named it California. Calofornia had entered the union as a non-slavery state but this would upset the balence of the slave and non-slave states. The south did not like this. The Wilmont Proviso was created by David Wilmont and stated that "slavery nor involentary sevitude shall ever exisit in any territory." Even though this document stated some pretty fantastic points it only passed in the North.

During the 1860's a new election had occured. Aberham Lincon (republican) had won the presidental election and without any votes of the southern states! This was a big surprise because the sectionalism for the South was very strong. This was a great moment for the northerners because this ecection showed that the SOuth was losing some of their power.

The southerners had finally started to realize that they were losing there sectionalim and didnt like it. They decided that if they filed for session that they could become there own county and not worry about republican presidents and would be able to keep there slaves. Even though they thought it was aloud to leave the union they were wrong.

"Those who deny freedom for others deserve it not for themselves."-Aberham Lincon

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