A Divided Nation

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Social Studies
African-American History

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A Divided Nation

A Divided Nation

The South Secedes-Lincoln's statement about slavery in the South angered many of the Southerns. Lincoln stated that he would not change slavery but it would not expand. This made southerns began to secede(to leave the union). When Lincoln took office all of the Souther legislators left.

Kansas-Nebraska Act-The Kansas-Nebraska Act was a plan to divide the rest of the Louisiana Purchase and make them into two new territories. However, many antislavery northerners were outraged because they believed that this new territory would allow for more masters and slaves to inhabit. Both, antislavery and pro-slavery groups battled in both verbal and physical fights over slavery in Kansas.

Election of 1860-In the Election of 1860 Stephen Douglas and Abrham Lincoln were the two men running for president. Lincoln won the election with 180 of 183 electoral from free states. His win angereed many southern as he had no votes from any southern states.

Compromise of 1850-The Compromise of 1850 allowed many things for the U.S. For example, the compromise made the California to enter the Union as a free state and the Mexican Cession was devided into two territories. That slave trade(not slavery) would end in the nation's captial and a more effective slave law would be passed

Dred Scott Decision-Dred Scott, an enslaved African American, sued the Missouri state court for his freendom, which caused controversy. The ruling of the case on Dred Scott was, That African Americans, free or slaves, were not considered citizens of the U.S. Therefore African Americans could not sue a federal court.

Fugitive Slave Act-The Fugitive act made it a crime to help runaway slaves. People who hid or helped a runaway slave, faced six months in jail and a $1,000 fine. The Fugitive Slave act upset northerners because they were uncomfortable with the commissioners' power. They disliked the idea of a trail without a jury, high fees for returning slaves, and some free African Americans were sent back to the South.

This chapter is called the Divided Nation because it decribes the growing tension between the North and the South over the slavery issue. This chapter explains the events leading to the South seceding from the Union. They finally seceded when Lincoln went into office. Which lead to the Civil War.

QuoteAbraham Licoln- "Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not themselves."


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