A Divided Nation

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African-American History

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A Divided Nation

Compromise of 1850

The South Secedes

Election of 1860

Kansas-Nebraska Act

Dred Scott Decision

Fugitive Slave Act

A Divided Nation

The compromise of 1850, it was a compromise that sloved diputes between free and slave states. This impacted the U.S. because most states that wanted either slaves or no slaves would be able to get what they wanted.

The Fugitive Slave Act was an act that made a law for runaway slaves and allowed officals to arrest slaves in free areas. This impacted the U.S. because many people didn't like this act so it led to violence.

The South Secedes is when Abraham Lincoln said he would not change the slavery in the South. This impacted the U.S. by many people where mad that Abraham Lincoln would not change the slave states.

The Kansas-Nebraska Act was a plan that would divided the Louisiana Purchase into two territorys (Kansas and Nebraska) This impacted the U.S. by it would let people to choose what side they are about slavery in their territorys.

The Election of 1860 was an election between Abramham Lincoln who was part of the North and John C. Breckinridge who was part of the South. This election happened because the U.S. split into the Northern and Southern parts. This impacted the U.S. by there was no one on the Southern side.

The Dred Scott Decision was when Dred Scott live in free territory and then moved to slave territory. The Supreme Court had to decide if he should be able to still be a free slave. This impacted the U.S. by they had to determine if they should prohibit slavery in parts of the Louisiana Perchase.

A Divided Nation is when the North and the South had different oppions on slavery. The North wanted there to be no slavery and have free states, but the South wanted there to be slavery.

"In January 1845, Douglas intoduced what became the Kansas-Nedraska Act, a plan that would divide the remainder of the Louisiana Purchase into two territories-Kansas and Nebraska-and allow the people in each territory to decide on the question of slavery."


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