A Divided Nation

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Social Studies
African-American History

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A Divided Nation

Dissagreements in the topics of slavery and political acts caused the secession of the southern staes along with the Confederate States of America.

Kansas-Nebraska ActThe Act was a plan that would divide the remainder of the Louisiana Purchase unto two terrortories. These two terrortories were Nebraska and Kansas and the question of slavery would be decided by the people

Compromise of 1850The Compromise allowed California to enter the Union as a free state, split the Mexican Cession into two territories and there the allowance of slavery would be decieded by popular sovereignty.


Dred Scott DecisionThe case was seen as setback for abolitionist ideas against slavery. It reduced the status of free African Americans and upheld the idea of slaves as property without rights or protection under the Constitution.

The South SecedesThe South decieded to secede after the Election of 1860 because they thought they had lost all of their power within the government. They claimed they had the right to secede because they had voluntairly joined the Union and created the Confederate States of America soon after.

Election of 1860Although Lincoln did not get any votes from the South, he won the Election of 1860 by the support of the Republican party. After the election he claimed that he did not see the need to abolish slavery where it already existed.







Chapter 14A Divided Nation


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