A Divided Nation

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A Divided Nation

A Divided Nation

The U.S. was plunged into a national crisis as the country was divided by their views on slavery. The North wanted the abolition OR the ending of the spread of slavery. The South called for slavery to be allowed in all regions. As more disagreements between the sides arose, disputes and acts of violence broke out.



The Wilmot ProvisoThe Wilmot Proviso was planned by David Wilmot to settle the slavery issue by stating that slavery shall not exist in any territory in the Mexican Cession. Although it did not pass, it started a debate which led to the sectionalism of the U.S. Government.

Compromise of 1850The Compromise of 1850, proposed by Senator Daniel Webster and Henry Clay, was designed to settle both the North and the South. He proposed to let California in as a slave state, let the people of the Mexican Cession decide to have slavery or not, have Texas give up land for money, end slave trade in the capital, and have a more effective slave law passed. The Compromise of 1850 was

Kansas-Nebraska ActStephen Douglas introduced this act, which divided the Louisiana Purchase into Kansas and Nebraska. The people in the region decided whether to allow slavery or not.


Election of 1860President Lincoln defeated Stephen Douglas and John Beckinridge because of the Republican Party backing him up. He did not even win a single southern state.


The South SecedesThe South claimed they had the right to leave the Union peacefully because they had joined it voluntarily. They called their group the Confederacy, which was made up of Texas, South Carolina, Virginia, Mississippi, Florida, Goergia, Alabama, and Louisiana.



Dred Scott DecisionDred Scott was a slave who tried to sue for his freedom in 1847. He claimed that when his slaveholder took him out of the country, he became free. It took 11 years to reach the Supreme Court, which ruled him still a slave.

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