[2015] Campbell Smith (AB 34): A Divided Nation

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[2015] Campbell Smith (AB 34): A Divided Nation

A Divided Nation

Some people might be wondering what a divided nation is. Well, the divided nation was divided because of slavery and the civil war

The Kansas-Nebraska Act divided the remainder of the Louisanna Purchase into two territories, Kansas and Nebraska. This aalowed people in each territory to decide on the question of slavery. "People in the north outraged because this act would eliminate the Missouri Compromise's restriction on slavery in the north"

In the compromise of 1850 California was brought into the union as a free state. In exchange, the south was garaunteed that no federal restrictions on slavery would be placed in Utah or in New Mexico. "Texas lost its boundary claims in New Mexico, but congress compensated Texas wiith $10 million."

The Dred Scott Decision happened when an slave moved to a free state. In 1846 there was a huge arugument when Scott sued for his freedom in the Missouri state courts,arguing that he had become free when he lived in free territory. Though many lower courts ruled in his favor, the Missouri Supreme Court overturned this ruling.

In this climate of distrust, Americans prepared for another presidential election. The northern and souther democrats could not agree on a canidate. Southern democrats backed the current vice president, John c. Breckinridge of Kentucky, who supported slavery in territories.

President Lincon insisted that he would not change slavery in the south. However, he said that slavery could not expand and thus would eventually die out completely. That idea angered many southerners.

The Compromise of 1850

Kansas-Nebraska Act

Dred Scott Decision

The South Secedes

Election of 1860


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