[2015] Brooklin Bonham (AB 34): A Divided Nation

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[2015] Brooklin Bonham (AB 34): A Divided Nation

A Divided Nation

The divided nation was caused when the Southern states were pro-slavery and Northern states were anti-slavery. However, there was one eception, "Bleeding Kansas." During the 1850s Kansas had two governments, anti-slavery and pro-slavery.

The Compromise of 1850 allowed Califronia to enter the union as a freestate. Also the rest of Mexico was divided into New Mexico and Utah.

The Kansas- Nebraska Act was a plan to divide the left-over land from the Lousiana Purchase into the two different states, and allow the people in the territory decide if the were pro-slavery or anti-slavery.

The Dred Scott decision happened when an African-American slave and his owner moved to a free-state and because of that Dred thought he was a freeman, he went to sue through the sepreme court and they ruled that he was not a citizen of America and thus couldn't sue.

During the election of 1860 was when the Northern and Southern democrats could not ddecide on a canidate, they each wanted a person who was with there slave laws. In the end president Lincoln was elected.

The South seceded bacuse when Lincoln was elected he said he would not change slavery in the South, however, he wouldn't expand slavery causing it eventualy to die out.

Kansas- Nebraska Act

Compromise of 1850:


Dred Scott decision

Election of 1860

The South Secedes

"We shall lie down pleasntly dreaming that the people of missouri are on the verge of making their state free; abd we shall awake to the reality, instead, that the Supreme Court has made Illinois a slave state."-Abraham Lincoln


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