A Divided Nation

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African-American History

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A Divided Nation

History Chapter 14

A divided nation

Mexican Cession:In 1848 the war between Mexico and the United States ended with the Treaty of Guadalope which gave the United States the much of the northern territory. This territory was the Mexican Cession

Fugitave Slave Act:Under this act, it was a crime to help runaway slaves and allowed officials to arrest the slaves who lived in free states.

Kansas Nebraska Act:This act divided the rest of the Louisiana purchase. The divided territory made Kansas and Nebraska. These states allowed the people to decide slavery.

Election of 1860:during the elction of 1860 there were may different canidates, John B. Breckinridge, Stephan Douglas, John Bell, and Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln won the election and became president. Southerner were angered by this. They felt they were losing their national political power.

The South Secedes:Angered by Lincoln's ideas to not allowing slavery to expand, the south- especially South Carolina-decided to secede from the United States. They formed the Confederate States of America including Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas.

The Compromise of 1850:After disputes about whether california would enter the united states as a free or slave state, a comprmise was established. It stated that califorinia would enter as free state,but the rest of the Mexico cession would become a free or slave state depending on popular sovereignty.

Dred Scott Decision:A slave named Dred scott belived he was free because he lived in a free state. by the end of the case the chief justic, roger b taney, concluded scott was not a citizen under the constitution, not a free slave because he returned to the slave state he lived in, and last he was considered property. Also he stated congress have no right to ban slavery.

Back in the time of slavery many people believed it wasn't unjustified act, but there were many- mainly in the south- that supported slavery. Because of this division in opinions many antislavery and proslavery supporters were seperated. This difference in opinion led to many problematic events thateventually divided our nation.

"A house divided against itself cannot stand."-Abraham Lincoln


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